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Randall Zaic, Architect
Zaic & Associates
3184 East Point Street
East Point, Georgia 30344
Phone 770.356.7752

Lambertville, NJ


Architecture - Office Buildings

Distinctive design & functional space planning of commercial office buildings


Zaic & Associates, Architects

The creation of any public building, regardless of use or style, modern or traditional, should have a sense of timeless character and dignity. Our buildings reflect our culture, our aspirations, and ultimately become the legacy of our time and place in history. And when the individual buildings we design are put together, they create the cities and neighborhoods in which we live, work and raise our children.

As architects, it is our responsibility to design buildings that not only function well and reflect what their intended use may be, our buildings must also be positive additions to the fabric of our built environment. Dignity and quality of design are not functions of budget, they are functions of talent and sensitivity. Very few professions have such a profound effect on our society as those who create the places we spend most of our lives in. Architects have a tremendous responsibility as shapers of our built environment both for the present as well as the future. Each structure we create takes on a life of its own that interacts with its occupants over its life span.

At Zaic & Associates, we understand how important our work is, not only to the present, but also to future users and ultimately, society as a whole. We approach our work with a seriousness and dedication to our designs so that each of our buildings not only function as intended today, but also are adaptable so that they can continue to be useful as they age with grace.

We strive to design our buildings to fit within their context as good neighbors. With a character and scale that is enjoyed by the people who use them or just experience them from the street. We create building's with a street presence that is welcoming and embracing, not cold and isolated with no place to get out of the rain.

In short, we are aware of the important role our buildings play as good neighbors, and over time, as a reflection of who we are to our future generations. Our favorite cities are those which have the richest architectural heritage from the past. We are sensitive to our role in helping to create places which people will want to visit in a hundred years.


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