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Spending More Time with You Results in a Better Project Investment

What sets Zaic & Associates apart from other firms is simple; we spend more time on our projects in order to provide a better investment for our clients. Our management process and level of documentation create projects that run more smoothly and efficiently. Our documents define the project so it can be accurately priced and practically constructed. As a result, clients spend less time and effort in order to achieve a successful project.

Our services include:

Project Management:

  • Providing leadership as we assist clients through the entire process of designing and overseeing the construction of their projects. We provide the framework and structure to make the process efficient and enjoyable. We can also create architectural illustrations to better define the project which can be used in marketing or fund raising efforts.
  • Understanding and interpreting our client’s needs and objectives in order to create a program that meets their expectations within the project’s time and economic parameters.
  • Program/budget reconciliation at the commencement of a project in order to create a realistic basis upon which the project can proceed.
  • Assisting committee clients and volunteers with a structure that helps them effectively communicate their needs in an efficient manner thereby minimizing their time away from careers and families.
  • Acting as the team leader - coordinating from start to finish, the activities of all involved parties including the owner’s representatives, architect’s and owner’s consultants, code officials and the contractor.

Quality of Design:

  • Zaic & Associates is dedicated to the “art and craft” of architecture. Our work looks to the future with a clear understanding of, and relationship to history. We endeavor to create designs that have a dignified timeless character with functionally based planning. Our designs provide for current uses as well as integrating flexibility that allows for adaptation as needs change over time.
  • Interior orientation in planning and design that unites the exterior and interior character of the structure. This includes providing furniture arrangements, millwork, and lighting designs that unify the theme for the entire project.

Contract Documents:

  • Zaic & Associates provides a comprehensive well coordinated set of Construction Documents that provide the primary basis upon which the construction contract between the owner and builder will be based. Comprehensive, complete construction documents help ensure that the project will be accurately priced, minimizing change orders and construction delays and generally helping the project proceed more efficiently.
  • Aesthetic as well as technical coordination of all the elements on the project. These would include visual elements located on floors, walls and ceilings as well as coordination of non-visible elements such as structure, HVAC, lighting and life safety components.

Our Role as Architects

Project Management

Quality of Design

Contract Documents

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