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Randall Zaic, Architect
Zaic & Associates
3184 East Point Street
East Point, Georgia 30344
Phone 770.356.7752

Lambertville, NJ


Architecture - Residential


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"Money Pit" or Diamond In the Rough?

Zaic & Associates has been designing renovations and additions to homes for over 35 years. That experience, combined with our knowledge of historical styles and construction techniques, allows us to help you better understand which homes will ultimately be best for your needs and will have the highest return on your investment over time. We can help you spot the “diamond in the rough” and avoid the “money pit”.

If you are thinking about buying a home that is a fixer-upper or one that is in a historic neighborhood that needs renovating or adding onto, we can help you evaluate these homes before you decide to buy. If you want to make the plunge, but would like to get a realistic idea of the cost of the work before you close, we can help you with fast track design sketches and connect you with builders for conceptual estimates within your due diligence period before closing. We do not replace home inspectors but can help you identity the big ticket items that will need work and let you know if the house has good potential at an appropriate cost.

We truly enjoy helping our clients get the most out of older homes and help them get the best value by ensuring that they make the best decisions on where to spend their renovation dollars. Think of us as investment counselors for your home.

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