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Randall Zaic, Architect
Zaic & Associates
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East Point, Georgia 30344
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Lambertville, NJ


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About Randall S. Zaic - Prinicpal Architect

Randy Zaic - Principla, Zaic & Associates, Architects, Atlanta, GA

Mr. Zaic founded Zaic & Associates, Architects in 1987. As a sole proprietor, he completed highly recognized design projects including custom single and multifamily residences, equestrian facilities, clubhouses, Greek and student housing, historic renovations, adaptive reuse and commercial office buildings. In his association with prior firms, Mr. Zaic was responsible, as a Project Architect or Project Manager, for executing commissions for commercial structures valued in excess of $45 million. These commissions included high-rise convention hotels, resort condominiums, multi and single family homes, office buildings, banking facilities and industrial projects.

About Randall S. Zaic -Principal Architect

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Principal Architect, Zaic & Associates, Architects, Atlanta, GA - Randy Zaic is a true equestrian.

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