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Randall Zaic, Architect
Zaic & Associates
3184 East Point Street
East Point, Georgia 30344
Phone 770.356.7752

Lambertville, NJ


Architecture -Equestrian


Zaic & Associates, Architects

Zaic & Associates can Help You Successful Plan, Design and Construct Your Dream Equestrian Facility

In addition to his passion for architecture, Randall Zaic is also passionate about his equestrian life. In fact, a love for horses and animals in general, is a family affair with the Zaicís. Randall Zaic, principal architect with Zaic & Associates, has been involved with horses for much of his life. He designed his own family horse farm in North Georgia and was personally responsible for the care and training of his horses. Randall is a polo player and fox hunter earning his colors with two registered Hunts. Randallís family has also been involved in three day eventing and dressage.

This lifetime of involvement in equestrian sports along with his ongoing work with both university and private equestrian clients constantly updates his knowledge and awareness of state of the art equestrian facilities and best practices.

As an equestrian architect, Mr. Zaic brings an in-depth understanding of horses, their behavior and what works in the facilities that house them. With each commission, equestrian or otherwise, they continually test and challenge the status quo in order to constantly improve upon the design quality and efficiency of their projects. Zaic & Associates possesses a unique combination of design talent and practical common sense. These two qualities are extremely important in equestrian facility design.

Owners are often investing millions of dollars into their properties with little or no professional guidance. A poorly planned, unattractive facility is a poor investment, both from an operational as well as resale point of view. Zaic & Associates can help owners maximize their investment by providing a facility design that is functionally well planned with a level of aesthetic appeal that creates both a beautiful as well as functionally efficient project.

To discuss the successful planning, design and construction of your dream equestrian facility, contact Randy Zaic at Zaic & Associates.

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Principal Architect -Randy Zaic is a true equestrian.

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