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Architecture - CLUBHOUSES

Full-service clubhouse design,
planning & fund raising




Zaic & Associates, Architects

A Clubhouse should have the feeling of a home away from home with a more grand and upscale feeling. Like a fine hotel, it should have a gracious style and character. The design of the interior, as well as exterior, should be done with tasteful sensitivity with an eye to detail. The clubhouse should allow its member's both private and social spaces as they may desire. Service should be ever present with careful separation between the service and public spaces. Designed so that the service functions are unseen yet convenient to all public areas.

Full service clubhouses contain a mixture of use types depending on their size and functionality. They may include many types of public spaces including, Dining, bar and lounges, locker facilities, retail, game rooms, meeting and ballroom facilities, among others. The design of the Club must be flexible enough to accommodate all of the uses above while also considering future expansion needs. The zoning of each use has to be carefully considered both from a functional as well as aesthetic point of view. Circulation should be straightforward and easy to understand.

Clubhouse design must also be responsive and ever adapting in order to stay appealing to new generations of members. The design of the Clubhouse must also be sensitive to its location. Often the clubhouse site must relate to many elements including a golf course, tennis facility, swimming pool, not to mention parking. It must also accommodate the potential for multiple functions that may be occurring at the same time.

Finally, the process of planning and fund raising for building or renovating clubhouses is being managed and guided along by a committee of concerned members willing to donate a great deal of time so that finished project is a success

Zaic & Associates understands these issues and also realizes that in addition to a traditional design role, the architect must provide structure and leadership through the entire process of fund raising, designing and overseeing the construction of their projects. We provide the framework and structure to make the process efficient and enjoyable. We assist committee clients and volunteers with a structure that helps them effectively communicate their needs in an efficient manner thereby minimizing their time away from careers and families.

We also initiate program/budget reconciliation at the commencement of the project in order to create a realistic basis upon which the project can proceed. We then act as the team leader, coordinating from start to finish, the activities of all involved parties including the owner's representatives, architect's and owner's consultants, code officials and the contractor. We also create architectural illustrations to better define the project which can be used in marketing or fund raising efforts.

Oconne Gold Clubhouse by Zaic & Associates


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