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Zaic & Associates, Architects

Zaic & Associates, Architects is an award-winning architectural design and planning firm focusing on both new construction and renovation projects. Zaic & Associates are licensed architects trained in the art and science of building and facility design.

Since the firms’ inception in 1987, Zaic & Associates, Architects has completed a broad range of architectural projects throughout the southeast.

Distinctive Architectural Solutions

Zaic & Associates' philosophy is to create distinctive, yet contextually appropriate architectural solutions that maximize a project's aesthetic and functional potential while maintaining a realistic budget. Each design is custom tailored to the client's specific needs. As a result, completed projects function as designed while projecting the image and character that reflects the client's attitudes and aspirations.

What sets Zaic & Associates apart from other architectural firms is that we spend more time on our projects in order to provide a better investment for our clients. Our management process and level of documentation create projects that run more smoothly and efficiently. The documents can be accurately priced, practically constructed, and as a result, require less time and effort on the client's part in order to achieve a successful project.

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